New website template: Frontier | Bandzoogle Blog

New website template: Frontier | Bandzoogle Blog

What makes a website pop? Imagery, of course, and lots of it. Make it as wide as you want with our new website template, Frontier. 

Designed to be a clean, modern option for bands, this template will wow your fans from the get-go. There are a few new options in this theme, from more width, to stunning layouts in selected colors.

With the idea of giving your content more controlled space, we’ve added lots of positioning and spacing controls. Then your imagery can take up as much, or as little room as you’d like. Let’s take a look at what you can do with Frontier!

Smooth header animation

Frontier features a header image on the Homepage only. Pick a great band photo, adjust the height, then let the animated lines sail in from side to side as the page loads. Your menu, social media icons, and call-to-action will also float in and sit cleanly over your main image.

Music website template header image

Page content area

Whether you use columns or full-width features, you can extend the width of the content area to 100%. That means it touches either side of the screen, with your images flush against the edge of your website. This adds a really modern feel to the features. The photo gallery in particular looks stunning with lots of photos side by side.

To further control your content, check out the Column spacing options. New to this template, it allows you to set space between your columns, and the items in your columns. This is a nice way to add breathing room between your features, making each one stand out. You can choose from none, small, medium, large, or extra large. 

Music website template example content

If your content isn’t set to 100% width, you can align the page to the left, right, or center as you like.

To check out these new content options, and feature layouts, watch the video walkthrough:

Musician Website Template: Frontier

Create a mobile-friendly website with lots of room for your music and more with the Frontier template! Try Bandzoogle today!

Adjustable call-to-action

To draw attention to your latest release, new video, or just to build your mailing list, you can use a call-to-action. This sits on your Homepage and is customizable – move it to the left, right, or center.

Feature layouts

This template pays extra attention to the layout and style of the features that make up your page. Going hand in hand with more spacing control, you can set your features to have no padding. 

As an example, add a blog set to ‘Carousel view,’ with 3 images per slide, and a square ratio. With your images side-by-side, they appear polished and modern. Plus, hovering over an image will make it zoom in for a nice animated effect.

Music website template blog layout example

Compact customizable inner pages

The inner pages (every page but the Homepage page) feature a sleek animation as well. Your band name and menu will appear at the top. Under that you can place all of your content per page, using sections to make it look modern.

Four palettes to choose from

We’ve created four default versions of the Frontier template, which you can use as a base to add your own color and style.

The Playful variation is singing out for a jazz singer or band to try it – featuring teal and white tones, and a simple font that makes for a modern look.

Jazz musician website template example

The Elegant version of this template is targeted towards singer-songwriters. It’s pared down completely with a white background. Earth tones would work wonderfully well in the font and music player palette.

Folk music website template exampleThe Sombre version is a blank canvas, ready for a band of any genre. It’s got a dark palette, using black and grey in the default section styles, as well as clean typography.

Music website template exampleFinally, the Neutral version would work well for a wedding band, with its simple lines, and white plus charcoal colors in the sections.

Music website for wedding band exampleFeel free to make these versions fly off the screen with your own colors, fonts, and content spacing. It’s a clean and stylish template that could be used so many different ways. 

As with all of our music website templates, you can try this one out in the Theme editor without it affecting any of the content you’ve already added to your pages. Plus, it’s mobile-ready and will adapt to any device. We can’t wait to see how you customize it!


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