Website design inspiration: best rock band websites

Website design inspiration: best rock band websites

Calling all rock bands! It’s time to design a website that rocks as hard as you do. Problem is, many musicians get stuck on the technical stuff when they’d rather be writing melodies. A website will help your music be heard far and wide, and will also help you book more gigs. 

So let’s stick to the basics, go page by page, and design a rock band website that makes your music the focal point.

Choose a template and color scheme

To start, you’ll want to think about what makes your rock band unique. What does your music sound like? How does your band’s personality come across? This will help you decide on a suitable template and color scheme. Gather up a few hi-resolution images that reflect your band’s music, and you’re ready to get started.


The Homepage is the first page a visitor sees when they hit your site. It’s important to think about the way this page appears to someone who has never heard of you, or seen your website before. Choose imagery that conveys your sound and style, and use that in the header area.

Indie-rock band The Fast Romantics have a great header image that shows all of the members of the band. They make use of an image filter to give their photo a bit of an edge, expressing the type of music you can expect to hear from them.

Rock band website design The Fast RomanticsIn the content area of your Homepage, you’ll want to introduce your band to your website visitors. Add a text and image feature that includes a short bio. Make sure the photo you select goes with your header image.

Brazilian rock blues guitar player Marcela Campos does a stellar job on her Homepage, from a main image that grabs your attention, to content in sections down the page. She includes a short bio, upcoming events, a video, plus a mailing list sign-up form. Adding content in easily digestible pieces on your Homepage makes it enjoyable for your visitors to scan.

Website design rock band Marcela CamposOnce you’ve got these features in place, you’ll be well on your way to building the perfect homepage for your band.

Bio page

Following your homepage should be an About page. For your bio, you’ll want to include your location, how you got started, career highlights, and upcoming projects. It should also include great images to break up the text on the page.

Funky rock ‘n roll band Night Sky Supernova have a simple but effective About page that gives you a bit of insight into their origins. Using a greyscale palette plus lots of whitespace gives their website a professional, polished look.

Website design rock band Bio pageThey also include features highlighting each band member individually, with bio text and an image. This gives fans a more personal look at each band member in more detail. It also makes the page itself flow well, with added visual interest.

Build your own professional rock music website in minutes with all of these features and more. Try Bandzoogle now.

Music page

One of the most important parts on any band’s website is the music page. This is the place to show what you’ve got. Before you add your music, think about how you’ll lay it out. How many songs do you want to add? Are you adding singles or full albums? You don’t want to cram too much on the page, and you want your music to be up to date, and easy to listen to.

Make use of both columns and sections like rock trio Traitor Joe, to add a wow factor on the page. This will make people stop to click, and listen. They’ve placed their albums side by side and set them against a background that’s interesting, but not overpowering.

Rock band website design music page

Store page

A great way to keep your fans happy is by arming them with merch on an organized Store page. Rock band Greco has plenty of merch for their fans to choose from, and they make use of the grid view to display all of their shirts in a tidy row. They follow those with lots of other options, from USB’s to koozies, pins, and stickers.

Rock band website design Store page

Shows page

As a busy, working band, highlight your schedule on a shows page. Use an events feature to show your upcoming and past events. 

Roots and rock band Creature and the Woods have a clean Shows page that offers a look into their recent tour dates. They use a clean white content background punctuated by simple black text, and images associated with each event. This makes their shows page appealing and professional.

Rock band shows page website design

Press Kit page

An essential part of any band’s website is a good EPK, or electronic press kit. As a digital version of a press packet you’d send to the media, this page should include a short bio, press clips, a couple of songs, a video, hi-res photos, and contact information.

Having everything in one place, on one page, makes it easy for media professionals, music bloggers, or talent buyers to find information quickly.

Witch of November have crafted a press kit page that shows the best side of their band – it’s organized in sections, easy to scan, and includes their best song and video. They’ve got their content organized into sections, use a cream and red color scheme that’s a bit retro, matching their music. 

Press kit website design rock band

Although band life can be chaotic, your website doesn’t need to be. Taking pieces of each of these featured designs, you can create a pro website that packs a mighty punch! For more inspiration, check out these stunning musician website designs, and some of our most popular band website templates.

Want even more help designing your site? Check out our online guide How to make a website for your music. Your website will be polished and ready to rock in no time.

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